Monday, July 21, 2008

Waking up to the Southern Resident Community of Whales

It is 6:00am and I am awoken by the sound of orca whale blows (exhalations) out of my window- on the west side of San Juan Island.  To hear the whooshing sounds of the whale blows all surfacing within seconds of each other - then silence - then blows all louder than before is almost magical in itself. The morning was beautiful- the sky was blue and the water even more so. The whales were spread out and not very close to shore, but the stillness of the quiet morning brought the echoes off the Straits and directly to my waiting ears. A loud whoosh, another and another! I turn to the south and hear whales in the distance, turn to the right and see whales headed down island from the North.
Southern Resident Orcas/ Faces in the Waves print
And far offshore, I spot him...a huge six foot dorsal fun slowly curving into the waters offshore, the dorsal fin ruffled even at this distance. J Pod has been splitting up alot lately with Spieden (J-8) seeming to be traveling with the J-14's and others, while Granny (J-2) and the rest of the pod have been traveling without them. But seeing Ruffles, I know J Pod is back in town!!
Granny and Ruffles, J Pod 2006 print
No pictures from today, although J Pod traveled up and down the west side of San Juan Island until 3:00pm- and it currently appears they have made yet another decision to head North- guess the fishing has been good at the Fraser River.
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Jeanne said...

Wish I would wake up to the sounds of the whales...this morning I just had a purse seiner outside hoping to bring in some fish!