Friday, January 15, 2010

A Photo trip to Roche Harbor

The beautiful Roche Harbor Marina has been visited by hundreds of thousands of boats over the years - all marvelling at what this wonderful little hidden retreat has to offer. Located on the northwest side of San Juan Island, this sheltered little harbor community resort is surrounded on the east side by San Juan Island, on the north by Pearl Island and on the west and south sides by Henry Island.

The story of Roche Harbor started more than 200 years ago when Captain de Haro and his crew became the first Europeans to actually sail among the forested San Juan Islands. Over the years, the Hudson Bay Company would begin logging operations, and large lime kilning operations would be started. And that is what brought me to Roche Harbor the other day- looking for some new angles on one of the oldest industries in the islands- lime kilning. Unlike many who travel to the shores and harbor for resort stays, fine dining and shopping- I was strictly interested in the textures of its history- and textures I certainly did find. The area is rich in rust and stone, chiseled with grungy nuances of industry long since forgotten. At every corner you can find angles and perspectives just waiting to be revived by the camera. I did my best...and hope you enjoy "the other side of Roche Harbor."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Trip to The Mainland

Made a trip to Anacortes and Mt Vernon this week, searching for the infamous flocks of snow geese. Found them---- but they were not cooperative for the photo session. Still, it always makes sense to take a look around at things other than your subject at hand. This juxtaposition of labor and beauty struck me. Hope you enjoy! I am still going through the 200+ shots of the geese, I hope to post at least a few later this week.