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Custom iphone cases skins and ipad Covers Available Just in Time for The Holidays!

THIS JUST IN! Just in time for holiday stocking stuffer and gift giving ideas, now you can purchase CUSTOMIZED Apple iPhone cases and iPad covers- replete with custom text & your own custom photo uploads. Not so creative? Well, there are lots of chic, trendy and amazingly cool designs that will knock your socks off now online at Zazzle!

Product Details

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Product Details

  • Made for the iPad
  • Hard-shell case wrapped with soft fabric
  • Access to all ports, controls, and sensors
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to grip
  • Raised front for extra screen protection
  • Form-fitting with easy on-and-off

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You Know You're From the Pacific Northwest If....

Today the Valley Bugler posted a really cute article to help you figure out if you were meant to live in Pacific Northwest. I took the test and it looks like I belong here. Do you? Thank you for the fun post!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pat O'Day Attempting to bring Subway to Friday Harbor Washington- Do you want fast food here?

According to the Journal of the San Juans Friday Harbor may be about to have it's first fast food franchise EVER.  By definition, a fast food restaurant is "sometimes known as a quick service restaurant or QSR, a specific type of restaurant characterized both by its fast food cuisine and by minimal table service. Food served in fast food restaurants typically caters to a "meat-sweet diet" and is offered from a limited menu; is cooked in bulk in advance and kept hot; is finished and packaged to order; and is usually available ready to take away, though seating may be provided. Fast food restaurants are usually part of a restaurant chain or franchise operation, which provisions standardized ingredients and/or partially prepared foods and supplies to each restaurant through controlled supply channels."

Subway. That's right, home to Jared Fogle- "the Subway Guy," "the five dollar foot long," high fructose syrups in their "whole grain breads" and 33,564 chains around the world.  Just what we were looking for in an organically driven, home inspired location,  belovedly "off the map and "far from America." Next I'm guessing we'll be seeing catering trucks at the ferry terminal pitching hot dogs and sauerkraut.

Pat and Stephanie O'Day certainly dont see the humor in this. According to the article, the real estate agent, pitchman for Schick Shadel Hospital, and rock radio pioneer — is considering branching into food. According to the O"Days, the signage could be "tasteful and non-neon" and would blend in with architectural elements common to the Downtown Historic District. The restaurant would have some indoor seating, but would mostly serve to-go customers and wouldn't impact "sit-down" restaurants in town. Sure. Tell that to Market Chef and others who strive to make a living on the islands without the fanfare of a national chain in their back pocket. 
So let's look at Subway, the international conglomerate potentially coming to the islands.

  • 33,564 franchises in 92 countries.
  • It is the second largest restaurant chain globally
  • It is based out of Connecticut with 5 regional centers in the US alone and another 5 worldwide
  • in 2008 it was ranked #3 as the fastest growing franchise in the world
  • Started by a guy named Fred deLuca when he needed some cash to pay for medical school tuition back in 1965. In 2007, Forbes Magazine named this man the 242nd richest man in the world with a net worth of over 1.5 billion dollars. 
  • If you're interested in having one out at Roche Harbor so no one goes hungry, looks like the stats suggest it is an initial investment of $15k followed by an 8% ongoing royalty and 4.5% advertising fee. Maybe we should all open one.
To read more, visit THIS LINK.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Of Whale Tales, Salmon Happenings and Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Salmon, Killer Whale Tales and Pacific white Sided Dolphins- what could possibly be the link? Easy- all three have taken a spotlight in recent events in the Pacific Northwest.  It's October, the tourists have started making their way home but the community of our treasured homeland now begins to band together to support one another throughout the winter months. This month, there's plenty to do around the area ---check out the people and places that are hot when the weather cools!

WHEN   :  OCTOBER 16 (5:30 PM or 6:30 PM depending on your choice of tickets)

With your help, Killer Whale Tales has engaged and inspired tens of thousands of children to make a real difference in their world. Come celebrate protecting Puget Sound’s Orcas, their habitat and 10 years of dedication to giving future generations hope, inspiration and knowledge to make a real difference in the world.  This year’s celebration and benefit auction brings us to the Seattle Aquarium, in the new Puget Sound Great Hall featuring the stunning new Window on Washing Waters exhibit. They’ve planned an evening of entertainment and inspiration and hope you will join them- meet scientists, fellow whale lovers, educators and families form around the region. Rumor has it that the auction has some amazing goodies- from full size family tents to gift bags from Trader Joes!  
I've added to the auction items! Yes, a a free offering of custom graphic design work and a beautiful print of orcas...hope to see you there!
Click here for tickets   http://bit.ly/CelebrateKWT
Some of you may know that I spend some time volunteering custom graphic design work and marketing assistance for some amazing scientists in the region- anything I can do to give back to the selfless people working to keep our region safe and sound. I've been working with SeaDoc Society for about two years now- and am honored to be part of their work to protect the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystems through science and education. Last year, through a trip with SeaDoc I was also honored to meet both Erin Ashe and Rob Williams (not to mention Alexandra Morton- be still my beating heart). As a team, Erin and Rob make up OceansInitiative.org. (Erin and Rob will be updating their website over the next few months with new graphics and logos we designed together- so you may want to bookmark that site and visit to see the changes.) In the meantime, you can add OCEANS INITIATIVE as a friend on Facebook.
So, the coolest thing has now happened. Two of my favorite regional champions have teamed together to TRACK PACIFIC WHITE SIDED DOLPHINS (otherwise known as LAGS).  

Thanks to private donations, SeaDoc is funding Erin Ashe, a PhD student at St. Andrews University, to study Salish Sea Pacific white-sided dolphins by using the same photographic-identification techniques used to study killer whales. You can read more about this BY CLICKING THIS LINK...we're looking for your photos to help build a research database of LAGS in the Salish Sea!
Two down, one to go. So now we have Killer Whale Tales and Pacific White Sided Dolphins covered, last but not least some news on Salmon. I came across an excellent article today which I posted on Facebook but thought you may want to enjoy as well. (By the way, you can always add me on FACEBOOK- love to get news from around the world on a daily basis!)
PULLING SALMON BACK FROM THE BRINKThis week KPLU environmental reporter Liam Moriarty talks with Mike Schiewe, a long-time salmon fisherman. He’s also one of the biologists behind the Endangered Species listings.

So there you have it! I'll keep the details of life on a little island coming!  Cheers, Sandy

Friday, October 1, 2010

Puyallup and Carbon rivers will close early

Puyallup and Carbon rivers will close early

The Puyallup and the Carbon rivers will be the next to close to salmon fishing as the Puget Sound coho run fails to meet expectations.
The Puyallup, from mouth (11th Street Bridge) upstream to the mouth of the Carbon River, will be closed from Monday through Oct. 31.
The Carbon, from the mouth upstream to the mouth of Voights Creek, will be closed Monday through Nov. 30.
The state Department of Fish and Wildlife, in a news release, said the coho run is low and the Voights Creek Hatchery has not collected enough fish to meet its egg-take goals.
The Puyallup Tribe of Indians has already closed indefinitely its commerical coho fishery.
So far four other Puget Sound fisheries have been or will be closed because the coho run has been so small.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Greeting Cards For the Holidays: Nature Wildlife Holiday Cards

Wildlife Christmas Card, Christmas Cards, Wildlife Christmas Cards!
It seems early, but the stores are beginning to showcase Christmas this season, which made me realize it will soon be that time of year again- 98 days away to be exact! 
This year, you may want to consider sending a wildlife christmas greeting card to extend a Season’s Greetings to valued friends, clients, and associates. Zazzle has thousands of beautiful and inspiring designs ranging from sprawling wintry landscapes to animals thriving in their natural habitats so you are sure to find a design that will bring a smile to the faces of your recipients. Their wildlife holiday cards can transport people to a place where the hustle and bustle of everyday life disappears in the sprawling landscape of a serene winter scene.
Build business relationships with clients and associates by sending personalized Christmas cards featuring brightly colored birds on snow-frosted branches or horses galloping through the snow. Choose from a variety of our greetings to express best wishes for a happy holiday season and prosperous New Year, or create your own customized greeting. Personalize your holiday greeting cards with your name, company name, logo or even signatures! Everybody will love these stunning holiday cards and your thoughtfulness will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression! Your efforts are sure to make clients and associates feel valued during this hectic time of year. Polar bears, killer whales, penguins- if you can think of a wild animal, Zazzle has a card for you!
And when everyone on your list celebrates a different holiday, sending wildlife Christmas cards is the perfect choice. Make everybody on your list feel appreciated with a wildlife holiday card that will not soon be forgotten.


Click here to see more wildlife holiday cards!

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Custom Labels for Candles and Soaps

Just though you may be interested in a new storefront opened this month- custom labels designs for all type of products- candle labels, soap labels, body lotion labels- the possibilities are endless. Custom design requests are welcome. Contact me at limekilnwhalewatcher@yahoo.com. You can click on the title above to visit the public article and review the site at http://customstamps.blogspot.com/ or click below to go directly to the store.


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It's That Time of Year Again! The San Juan County Fair!

The 2010 San Juan County Fair is right around the corner and will run from Wednesday, August 18th through Saturday, August 21rst. Lots of great exhibits  and demonstrations are slated and this year I have been asked to assist with the PHOTOGRAPHY DEMONSTRATION which will be located in the main exhibition building.

Last year was a great success for the photography competition with over 80 photographers submitting more than 120 images in the competitive section alone!  This year we will have three sections- a competitive and open section for photographers over 12 and an open section for photographers 12 and under. We'll have 11 classes within each section:

General:  (landscapes, sunsets or sunrises, sailboats, architecture, et al)
Fair Theme:  Images evoking the spirit of the fair and ort county people and activities
Children:  Images of children
Portraits:  All portraiture
Pets and Farm Animals
Nature and Wildlife
Flowers and other Macro
Still Life
Travel:  The image must evoke a particular place or culture or tell a story about a different place or time.
Creative Images:  An abstract (an image represented as a graphical design or for emotional impact rather than what it actually is) or an altered image (artificially colored or digitally created with the final result representing an artistic idea of the photographer not necessarily representative of reality)

Photo Essay:  Multiple images giving an in depth look at many aspects or facets of the chosen subject matters. May be color, black and white, form film or captured digitally. There must be multiple images and if in separate frames, marked so they can be hung in the intended order. Entries will be judged on relative story telling impact as well as composition and quality of individual prints.

Judging and awards:
The judging within the competitive section will be different from the judging in the open section. In the competitive section there will be just one blue, red, white and, if warranted, an honorable mention ribbon awarded within each class as well as an overall “Best in Section” award. The judges may also award “Honorable Mention - Best in Section” ribbons. If a class has 5 or fewer entries the photographs will be grouped with another class.

Within the open section (both adult and 12 and under) blue, red and white ribbons will be awarded to all photographs meeting certain artistic criteria without regard to other photographs. In addition “Best in Class” and “Best in Section” ribbons will be awarded.

In the two open sections, special recognition will be given to outstanding young photographers. Within each class, the best photographs submitted by photographers 18 or younger will be recognized by special ribbons.

Following the judging, the best photographs in each section will be displayed together in a “winners circle.”

A “Best in Show” ribbon will be awarded without regard to the section in which it was entered. As in past years, there will be a daily “People’s Choice” award given based on voting by attendees. This award will be given without regard to section.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update: Planning your Winter Wedding

Stop in and check out my other blog for tips, tricks and techniques for planing special occasions! Or visit my new website featuring graphic designs and custom invitations for every event!  NOTED OCCASIONS!


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Today it was announced that the International Whaling Commission's controversial proposal to legalize commercial whaling has failed.

Delegates of the commission’s 88 member governments had been discussing whether to maintain a 24-year-old moratorium on commercial whaling. A 10-year compromise plan proposed by the United States and other antiwhaling nations would have allowed the three countries to resume commercial whaling, but at significantly lower levels and under tight monitoring. Had the ban been lifted it would have lived on in infamy and allowed commercial whaling to continue. 

The struggle to monitor and reign in the whaling nations continue but there is a collective sigh of relief that the industry will not be able to have their hunting legalized.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On April 27th I posted a blog about the planned congressional hearings on orcas and other marine mammals in captivity in theme parks across the United States. Today I found an excellent update that is well worth reading:


Theme parks were not on trial per se, but received much attention during the testimony.  For background, the Marine Mammal Protection Act was enacted in 1972 (revised in 1994) by the National Marine Fisheries Service and permits the display of whales, dolphins, seals, etc. only if there are proper education or conservation programs.  Therefore, Congress asked what construes “meaningful public education” using these animals.

New NotedOccasions Blog Post Featuring Bridal Shower Invitations

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Man's Dream Can Be A Child's Vision: Killer Whale Tales Comes to Friday Harbor Elementary School

Oh---to be a ten year old in 2010, when your imagination and dreams come to life in the auditorium of your very own Elementary School. Yesterday that dream became a reality for the children of Friday Harbor when Jeff Hogan of Killer Whale Tales, introduced our youngest stewards to his vision that began many years ago.

It's been 35 years since I stepped foot in an Elementary School. Since my "kids" are labrador retrievers I have not had much opportunity to revisit my past nor did I have many expectations for the experience. However, upon entering the "kid friendly zone" at 8:30am, the memories washed over me as I was greeted by the morning announcements over the PA system and the principle waiting at the door. My inner child was transported back to a small homeroom class, hand over heart, reciting the pledge of allegiance- but the adult in me was quite aware of the staring (albeit smiling) principle across the hallway. Funny how your triggers amass when least expected.

I walked over to the smiling authority figure and asked for direction to the gymnasium- my destination for the next hour or so. I was here to take part in my educational experience of the day- Killer Whale Tales 101, courtesy of Jeff Hogan, friend and school teacher extraordinaire. I arrived just in time for a quick chat with the main man, took my seat and watched as the cutest procession of kindergartners to sixth graders arrived, taking their seats in rows and chatting happily as their day began. (Just in case you were wondering- elementary school gymnasiums have not changed much at all.) I smiled just watching the expectation on their faces.

Have you ever had the chance to watch an actor turned educator in action? If you havent- make plans to do so. Jeff easily interacted with these little ones , taking the stage as a counterpart to their youthful experience and telling jokes that had all ages roaring with laughter. The better part of the session is based on Jeff's dream that he has woken up as a young whale and now needs to learn all about his new underwater life from the fellow pod members around him. The kids can completely "get" this take on learning- but I was also amazed by how much our kids know about not only the whales but sustainability and our environment.

Jeff:  "What do whales use their flukes for?"
Kids: "Steer. Swim. Slap the water, communicate."

Jeff: "Wave your pec fins at me."
Kids: Shake their arms and wave to Jeff.

Jeff:  "Look at your neighbor's blowhole."
Kids:  Every set of eyes alighted upon their neighbor's nose

Jeff:  "What do the southern resident whales eat?"
Kids:  "Salmon."

I think our kids know more about our environment and the whales than most tourists. I bet they've never asked what time the whales come by!

The story goes like this. Once upon a time, Jeff goes to sleep and wakes up as a young killer whale in J Pod. He spends his days hanging in the Haro Straits with his Grandmother, Granny (J2) and his fellow pod members. Just like any little kid the world is full of wonder as he swims around, plays with his siblings and learns about the environment through his journey. It's pretty cool being a killer whale baby- as he learns all the major life lessons- how to speak whale, how to eat and what happens when he ignores his mom.  Jeff takes the kids through a fun filled underwater land wherein the whales teach the young killer whale how to make it in the Salish Sea and through life. At one point, we are treated to "whale talk lessons," an interactive take on learning whale speak.

There are 28 different calls, whistles and lots of clicks used by the southern resident pods, the young killer whale is told. For instance- S1 (which Jeff terms "the Cowboy call") for J pod, or S2 (the "broken drill call") or S4 ( the "duck with a boo boo call"). The whales produce each call and the kids in the auditorium laugh....but not for long, because soon they are also making "a duck with a boo boo call" and also speaking whale. Now how cool is that?

Soon, the young whale gets hungry and figures it's about time to head to Herbs and grab a cheeseburger. The kids laugh with glee because even THEY know whales don't eat cheeseburgers!!! But the little whale has to learn from Granny that whales don't go to Herbs- instead, they echolocate to find their food. I was floored as the children explained a basic understanding of echolocation and sat in awe as Jeff explained the intricacies of echolocation and finding the big chinook salmon they love to eat.

He went on to explain how whales sleep, before heading into a bit of background about how the pod is protected by whale watching guidelines, a bit of population decline and what we, as humans, can do to protect them. All the while the kids watched with wonder and the auditorium echoed with their laughter and enjoyment.


Once the auditorium cleared we headed for the fifth grade classroom to put the teaching to the test. The kids partnered up with one another to become scientific teams- they were given field surveys, data collection points ---even a budget to use based on their findings. The kids had the opportunity to collect salmon tissue to determine where the whales food was coming from and were then asked to chart the frequency, location and exact rivers from which the salmon originated. During the exercise, there were a few phone calls from WDFW and some other organizations asking for either money for enforcement efforts or information which they had collected to append to ongoing studies- not unlike the real world in which we live.

The session ended with data analysis and budgeting for conservation, additional field work education for the general public. Don't you wish our government could be so thorough and timely in their efforts?

All in all, I was amazed at the quality of the presentation and inspired by how much it appeared to impact our youngest stewards. Jeff Hogan was an excellent teacher and the presentation was absolutely wonderful.  This year, Jeff (and Killer Whale Tales) have touches the lives of 9,000 students in the State of Washington- teaching stewardship and creating a platform for each to find their inner scientist.  

Please visit Killer Whale Tales at http://www.killerwhaletales.org to learn more about Jeff's inspirations, goals and how you can have the experience brought to your classroom. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alexandra Morton Salmon Update

I received this email from Alex Morton today. Read on...

Government memos reveal fish farmers pressured government to keep sea lice drugs secret, six years before biologist Alexandra Morton made it public 

A series of government memos reveal a heated debate in 1995 over a sea louse outbreak on a farm salmon on the Fraser sockeye migration route (Okisollo Channel). In 1995, a salmon farm requested permission to usehydrogen peroxide to treat an extremely heavy outbreak of sea lice on their fish.  When the Ministry of Environment, Parks and Lands (MELP) informed the company that their drug application would have to be released to the public, the fish farmer withdrew the request. When environmental groups found out about the sea lice outbreak, the BC Salmon Farmers Association called for an investigation of MELP and a guarantee that fish farmers had a right to secrecy in the future.

Sept 6, 1995 Don Peterson of MELP writes, “The company has withdrawn their application (for hydrogen peroxide) because they heard there was a requirement to advertise if a pesticide was going to be applied. I guess they were either afraid of the shareholders…or the public finding out... the company has asked that this request be kept strictly confidential and that all correspondence on the subject be destroyed.”

September 28, 1995 the BC Salmon Farmers Association criticized Minister Moe Sihota (MELP): “…government has an obligation to maintain confidentiality… Government is further prevented from unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of information…. puts at risk … capital investment of private citizens and individual companies…”

However, salmon farms operate in Canada’s public waters and impact a Canadian resource - wild fish.

On October 23 Earl Warnock of MELP writes, “I find it unconscionable that they (fish farmers) are only prepared to undertake measures appropriate to protect their stock health and the environment unless they can do it in a clandestine manner.... and for them and MAFF to ask us to operate with them in this way says something about the people we are dealing with.”

“MAFF” = Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, now Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (MAL).

Either the sea lice remained on the farm fish on the Fraser sockeye migration route or they were treated without permission from MELP.

November 03, 1995, Bryan Ludwig, MELP writes: “…we are in the difficult position of being concerned about use of pesticides for treatment of sea lice, but also wanting to ensure we avoid a severe outbreak for fear of transfer to wild stocks.”

These documents reveal heroes among our MELP bureaucrats who tried to protect our wild salmon from salmon farms.  Gordon Campbell disbanded MELP as soon as he took office in 2001, and he renamed MAFF, MAL and gave them control of allocation of Crown Land. The fish farm industry did not develop a sea lice action plan, the public lost their government biologist advocates, sea lice outbreaks continue with lethal infection underway today rates on wild juvenile salmon on the Fraser migration route (Okisollo Channel)  (photos available) and Fraser sockeye stocks migrating through Okisollo Channel are in steep decline.

October 23, 1995 Earl Warnock MELP:  “If the truth harms their integrity perhaps they need to look at themselves…”

If we cannot save wild salmon in British Columbia, we do not live in a democracy.

All documents available at www.salmonaresacred.org, “Breaking News” 

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Blog Announced Today: Custom Wedding and Party Invitations

Just wanted everyone to know I've started another blog which may be of interest when you are planning your next party, wedding, shower or event! I won't be posting each blog entry here, but feel free to stop in, browse around and contact me at limekilnwhalewatcher@yahoo.com if you would like a customized invitation or coordinating stamps for an event in your schedule!! You can visit the blog NOTEDOCCASIONS or any of my graphic design shops below. Thanks and have a great weekend!!! Sandy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congress Schedules hearings on Marine Mammals in Captivity This Week

Prompted by the recent death of SeaWorld trainer, a Congressional committee will hold hearings that may lead to more oversight.

They've entertained millions at marine parks and aquariums — whales, dolphins and other sea mammals spinning and splashing to the delight of audiences for decades.

But the recent death of a SeaWorld trainer by a killer whale in Orlando and the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove," about dolphin captures in Japan, have cast unprecedented attention on the industry that brought us Shamu and Flipper.

A Congressional committee has scheduled an oversight hearing April 27 to hear testimony on marine mammals in captivity. The Sun Sentinel confirmed the hearing by the House Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife through federal officials who have been asked to testify.

Click Here to read more.....   OceansDefense

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alexandra Morton: A Success Story

Great news from Alexandra Morton! Received an email today which follows:

Department of Justice lays charges against fish farm company
Unlawful by-catch of wild salmon by Norwegian fish farm company

(April 20, 2010, Port Hardy) Today, Todd Gerhart of the Department of Justice, stayed charges laid by biologist Alexandra Morton against Marine Harvest, the largest Norwegian fish farm company in the world, for unlawful possession of wild salmon. In a landmark initiative Gerhart advised the Court that on April 16, 2010, DOJ filed a new indictment against Marine Harvest, including the original charges laid by Alexandra Morton as well as new charges for unlawful possession of herring reported in October 2009. Mr. Gerhart will be the prosecutor.

Morton and her lawyer Jeffery Jones are relieved. “It is my strong opinion,” says Mr. Jones, a former Crown Prosecutor for DOJ, “that this industry was given access to the BC coast and appears to have been conducting itself as if it were above the law. Today’s decision by Mr. Gerhart and the Department of Justice confirms that no corporation is above the law. This is why private prosecutions are important democratic safeguards. Ms. Morton’s prosecution has triggered enforcement action by DOJ. I am extremely pleased by Mr. Gerhart’s decision.”

In June of 2009, young wild salmon were observed falling from a load of farm salmon being off-loaded from Marine Harvest’s vessel Orca Warrior. Some of these fish were collected and Marine Harvest admitted in the newspaper to catching the wild salmon. “By-catch” is fish caught without a licence in the process of fishing for other species. By-catch is strictly controlled in all other fisheries and in some cases causes entire fisheries to be shut down.

“For decades we have heard reports of wild fish trapped in fish farms, eaten by the farm fish and destroyed during harvest,” says biologist Alexandra Morton, “but when DFO was informed of these offenses they would not, or could not, lay a charge. Canada cannot manage wild fish like this. You can’t regulate commercial and sport fishermen and then allow another group unlimited access to the same resource. BC will lose its wild fish.”

In 1993, the Pacific Fishery Regulations exempted salmon farms from virtually all fishing regulations. Unlike commercial fishermen, salmon farmers can use bright lights known to attract wild fish. The oily food pellets they use also attract fish and wildlife. Commercial fishermen are required to pay for observers and cameras on their vessels that record by-catch, so that fishing can be halted to preserve non-targeted stocks. No such enforcement has been applied to salmon farmers, despite regular reports of black cod, rock cod, herring, lingcod, wild salmon, Pollock, capelin and other species in the pens, in stomachs of the farmed fish and destroyed at harvest time….Until now.

“This is a ray of hope that we can work through the issue of Norwegian salmon farming in BC waters. I am thankful to hand this over to the Department of Justice. Aquaculture is not the problem. The problem is the reckless way government sited it, managed it and gave it priority over the public fisheries. I call on government to protect the families now dependant on this industry as it undergoes the long overdue scrutiny of the courts, the judicial inquiry and public opinion.“

Alexandra Morton 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orca Update & News on the Struggling Salmon Stocks

Local orcas are having a baby boom, but will it last?

There's been a baby boom in the local orca population. Last year five orcas joined the pods that frequent Puget Sound and the waters around the San Juan and Gulf islands. And two more killer whales have been born so far in 2010.

Cascadia Research has posted a scorecard/ special series covering this topic as well as the plight of struggling salmon stocks in the region. See how closely the two are interdependent and read the rest of the story here