Thursday, August 26, 2010

Custom Labels for Candles and Soaps

Just though you may be interested in a new storefront opened this month- custom labels designs for all type of products- candle labels, soap labels, body lotion labels- the possibilities are endless. Custom design requests are welcome. Contact me at You can click on the title above to visit the public article and review the site at or click below to go directly to the store.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again! The San Juan County Fair!

The 2010 San Juan County Fair is right around the corner and will run from Wednesday, August 18th through Saturday, August 21rst. Lots of great exhibits  and demonstrations are slated and this year I have been asked to assist with the PHOTOGRAPHY DEMONSTRATION which will be located in the main exhibition building.

Last year was a great success for the photography competition with over 80 photographers submitting more than 120 images in the competitive section alone!  This year we will have three sections- a competitive and open section for photographers over 12 and an open section for photographers 12 and under. We'll have 11 classes within each section:

General:  (landscapes, sunsets or sunrises, sailboats, architecture, et al)
Fair Theme:  Images evoking the spirit of the fair and ort county people and activities
Children:  Images of children
Portraits:  All portraiture
Pets and Farm Animals
Nature and Wildlife
Flowers and other Macro
Still Life
Travel:  The image must evoke a particular place or culture or tell a story about a different place or time.
Creative Images:  An abstract (an image represented as a graphical design or for emotional impact rather than what it actually is) or an altered image (artificially colored or digitally created with the final result representing an artistic idea of the photographer not necessarily representative of reality)

Photo Essay:  Multiple images giving an in depth look at many aspects or facets of the chosen subject matters. May be color, black and white, form film or captured digitally. There must be multiple images and if in separate frames, marked so they can be hung in the intended order. Entries will be judged on relative story telling impact as well as composition and quality of individual prints.

Judging and awards:
The judging within the competitive section will be different from the judging in the open section. In the competitive section there will be just one blue, red, white and, if warranted, an honorable mention ribbon awarded within each class as well as an overall “Best in Section” award. The judges may also award “Honorable Mention - Best in Section” ribbons. If a class has 5 or fewer entries the photographs will be grouped with another class.

Within the open section (both adult and 12 and under) blue, red and white ribbons will be awarded to all photographs meeting certain artistic criteria without regard to other photographs. In addition “Best in Class” and “Best in Section” ribbons will be awarded.

In the two open sections, special recognition will be given to outstanding young photographers. Within each class, the best photographs submitted by photographers 18 or younger will be recognized by special ribbons.

Following the judging, the best photographs in each section will be displayed together in a “winners circle.”

A “Best in Show” ribbon will be awarded without regard to the section in which it was entered. As in past years, there will be a daily “People’s Choice” award given based on voting by attendees. This award will be given without regard to section.

Hope to see you there!