Thursday, November 12, 2009

New J Pod Baby!

There's a new baby in town! Yesterday members of J and K pods were spotted heading south along the west side of San Juan Island- a welcome sight to local islanders.

According to Orca Network and folks who were able to catch some photos of the new youngster, the newborn has been reported to be a member of J Pod and was seen traveling alongside Polaris (J 28)- a 16 year old orca favored by many whale lovers. The youngster will be designated J-26. You can view a photo of the new baby, who's sex has yet to be identified by visiting Jeanne Hyde's Blog- where she also provides a great article about the encounter yesterday.

The whales have been infrequently seen throughout the past month, so the news spread like wildfire along local whale enthusiasts. This appears to be the first baby born to Polaris which brings the population of J pod to 27.

I have created a little video of whale photos from the past couple of years that you might enjoy- just a fun photo montage that will help get us through the winter months!!