Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Of Whale Tales, Salmon Happenings and Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Salmon, Killer Whale Tales and Pacific white Sided Dolphins- what could possibly be the link? Easy- all three have taken a spotlight in recent events in the Pacific Northwest.  It's October, the tourists have started making their way home but the community of our treasured homeland now begins to band together to support one another throughout the winter months. This month, there's plenty to do around the area ---check out the people and places that are hot when the weather cools!

WHEN   :  OCTOBER 16 (5:30 PM or 6:30 PM depending on your choice of tickets)

With your help, Killer Whale Tales has engaged and inspired tens of thousands of children to make a real difference in their world. Come celebrate protecting Puget Sound’s Orcas, their habitat and 10 years of dedication to giving future generations hope, inspiration and knowledge to make a real difference in the world.  This year’s celebration and benefit auction brings us to the Seattle Aquarium, in the new Puget Sound Great Hall featuring the stunning new Window on Washing Waters exhibit. They’ve planned an evening of entertainment and inspiration and hope you will join them- meet scientists, fellow whale lovers, educators and families form around the region. Rumor has it that the auction has some amazing goodies- from full size family tents to gift bags from Trader Joes!  
I've added to the auction items! Yes, a a free offering of custom graphic design work and a beautiful print of orcas...hope to see you there!
Click here for tickets
Some of you may know that I spend some time volunteering custom graphic design work and marketing assistance for some amazing scientists in the region- anything I can do to give back to the selfless people working to keep our region safe and sound. I've been working with SeaDoc Society for about two years now- and am honored to be part of their work to protect the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystems through science and education. Last year, through a trip with SeaDoc I was also honored to meet both Erin Ashe and Rob Williams (not to mention Alexandra Morton- be still my beating heart). As a team, Erin and Rob make up (Erin and Rob will be updating their website over the next few months with new graphics and logos we designed together- so you may want to bookmark that site and visit to see the changes.) In the meantime, you can add OCEANS INITIATIVE as a friend on Facebook.
So, the coolest thing has now happened. Two of my favorite regional champions have teamed together to TRACK PACIFIC WHITE SIDED DOLPHINS (otherwise known as LAGS).  

Thanks to private donations, SeaDoc is funding Erin Ashe, a PhD student at St. Andrews University, to study Salish Sea Pacific white-sided dolphins by using the same photographic-identification techniques used to study killer whales. You can read more about this BY CLICKING THIS LINK...we're looking for your photos to help build a research database of LAGS in the Salish Sea!
Two down, one to go. So now we have Killer Whale Tales and Pacific White Sided Dolphins covered, last but not least some news on Salmon. I came across an excellent article today which I posted on Facebook but thought you may want to enjoy as well. (By the way, you can always add me on FACEBOOK- love to get news from around the world on a daily basis!)
PULLING SALMON BACK FROM THE BRINKThis week KPLU environmental reporter Liam Moriarty talks with Mike Schiewe, a long-time salmon fisherman. He’s also one of the biologists behind the Endangered Species listings.

So there you have it! I'll keep the details of life on a little island coming!  Cheers, Sandy

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