Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Tale of the Dragonfly

A beautiful start to a Summer Sunday on San Juan Island's west side. At approximately 5:00am this morning, the show began as the southern residents returned to the west side of San Juan Island. The light as too low to photograph, but I watched as the whales came from the west and then headed north (some close to shore, some not) in the very early morning light, their blows echoing off the shoreline. I did see some return an head south and no ID's were possible, but looks as though we'll have cetacean activity today!! Woo hoo!

You Blow Me Away Card card

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time at a local pond on the east side of Lime Kiln off of West Side Road. I actually went there to try and photograph a family of mergansers- but they decided to remain elusive in the grasses too far from my lens. However, what I did see pretty much made up for the birds, what appeared to be thousands of blue damselflies mating in widespread groups across the water. Not a good photo- but this will give you an idea of the encounter.

Keeping in mind that I know nothing about these creatures, I started taking photo after photo of the colorfully darting damselflies who alighted time and time again amidst the reeds. Some shots follow....

A Day at the Pond Collage Poster print

So, here's the question...what did I photograph?  I also found (potentially) nymphs around the water's edge...
I would appreciate any feedback on the red dragonfly photo- an ID would be sincerely appreciated! Also trying to determine of the photo above is actually a dragonfly nymph? Email me at limekilnwhalewatcher@yahoo- I'd love to hear from you!

As I wrote this blog, my attention was diverted out the window as an eagle made its way toward my house, heading up the hillside towards the roof. I heard a distinct "thud," and ran upstairs to see where it had landed. As I approached the sliding door, I looked outside only to see him/her perched on our deck railing. And what was he/she doing? Inside the door sat our 11 month old kitten named Tigger. Both were in a stare down, the cat watching in amazement as he came eye to eye with the biggest bird he has ever seen. A shot through my screen door...and another of the kitty panic attack! Yikes!

(Tried to get the photos to upload, no go right now...will check back later!) 

Have a great day! Sandy

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Jeanne said...

Your dragonfly images are wonderful. The red 'whatever' kind-of-fly is totally neat. Can't wait to see the eagle shots!!!!!!

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