Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

We are about to add a new member to the San Juan Island family! Tomorrow I head to Moses Lake to pick her up- our new beautiful little 8 week old yellow lab. 

Hopefully she will love Friday Harbor as much as we do, although in comparison, I suspect she may find it a bit chillier than she is used to. We went to select her in the beginning of July and the temps in Moses Lake were 106 degrees. Ouch! let's see, today we're enjoying a supposedly summer day in July- the temperature reached a whopping 63 degrees- and that was the high!

We have several names in the running- Madrona (a tree indigenous to the region which has reddish bark and a very distinctive shape full of dark shiny leaves.  We're also considering Coho, an endangered species of salmon. Another name we're considering is Cedar, because we certainly have lots of evergreens out here!  If you're reading this blog and come up with a great name that celebrates the Pacific Northwest, drop me a line (e-mail) and we'll surely consider it!!!

So, the cedar waxwings have returned and the days are filled with their beautiful calls. Just yesterday I was in my yard and happened upon a group of babies! Located on an important Pacific flyway, the San Juan Islands are a birder’s paradise: a stop-over for thousands of migratory birds and home to numerous species that inhabit the region year-round. Raptors such as eagles, hawks and peregrine falcons are island residents, and songbirds, seabirds, shorebirds and waterfowl are common sights. Took a couple of photos...
Butterfly Sticker sticker
I'll be sure to post some photos of the baby girl this weekend- have some issues with the sensor on my camera being a bit dirty- but we'll work around that too!  Have a great day! Sandy

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Anonymous said...

WHO's that Great looking guy with the cool dog???? I think he's HOT!!!!!

Sandy Buckley said...

That would be Michael, my husband! :) Sandy

Anonymous said...

Tell Buckley to stop posting on your blog!