Sunday, July 20, 2008

She's Here! Our Newest Addition to the Friday Harbor Family...

Friday Harbor has a sweet new yellow lab residing on the west side! She has grown considerably in the past four weeks since we first met her, but her personality is as SWEET as ever.  When I arrived home from Moses Lake- we went to pick up our 8 year old lab named Bogey from our neighbor's house. They have two golden retrievers and when we entered the yard, this precious little baby girl ran right over to Bogey (who was the furthest from her), immediately jumped up and began licking the side of her mouth- utter subservience and a very warm greeting!

She's got a great appetite, is already hiking on the trails each day and anything (may I repeat) ANYTHING is now the definition of fun.A blowing poppy? Fun!!!! Grasses blowing across the yard? Fun!!!! Laying on Mommy's feet every second of the day we're not that's Fun!!! And don't forget the puppy breath- don't you just love it???  Yesterday, we were out in the yard on one of our 14,000,000 bathroom runs- and I look behind us to find a familiar face- a little black female fox who frequents the yard.  A few times this year she has been accompanied by one of her pups- who she brought within 10 feet of me one night.  This day, though- it was her turn...I let her come over to us but quickly scooped the puppy up as she came just a bit too close for comfort. (Sometimes it's hard to forget some of these habituated foxes are WILD animals). It was a fun night...details on her name and life to unfold!

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