Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday Harbor May 2008

Friday Harbor in spring has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Well, at least to me...smiles. Flowers are flowering, birds are mating and the first fox pups are arriving. Just this week baby foxes were spotted on West Side Road- and there are finally signs up to remind motorists to SLOW DOWN! Last year we spent a week trying to rescue two of the pups who had been hit by speeding cars- ti was hard to watch but they were eventually captured and completely rehabilitated by Wolf Hollow. To follow the rehab efforts on the island, be sure to visit their

Speaking of foxes, this was a picture I captured of their mom last year!

And the birds...we have eagles en masse this month as well as quail who have just recently returned to the island. Below are some of the birds you'll pretty much see most of the year on the island.

Birds of the San Juan Islands Collage print

Birds of the San Juan Islands Collage


As a follow up we did have the chance to eat at COHO and it was definitely well worth the wait. The food is divine- the salmon is to die for and the duck salad is unrivaled. AM & Dave certainly have their hands full- but the ambiance was fantastic and the menu perfect! Check it out here!

I am back in town and will be adding frequently- April was a wild and crazy month! News today is that there are whales headed North of the island through Active Pass- no one yet knows who they are- but could this be J Pod who is "overdue?" Detail to follow! Sandy Buckley

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