Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Southern Residents Leave and Return in the Same Day!

So, with the end of the Memorial Day weekend upon the San Juan Islands, we were greeted with the glum news that J Pod had decided to head west Monday morning. The news had them heading out the San Juan Channel off the shore of Victoria, BC. So, we planned a picnic down at the beach- lots of fun was had by one and all! However, by nightfall, the news as better- J Pod had turned and were heading east back towards San Juan Island! One of my good friends, Jeanne Hyde writes about listening to them on the hydrophones as she heads off to sleep- read more here!

Whale of A 'Purpose': Whale Tango!"

On another note, I want to send out a shout to one incredibly talented composer named Alex Shapiro who lives on San Juan Island. We met a while ago on MySpace, but today I found her blog!!! Wow!!!

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