Saturday, May 17, 2008

J Pod in The San Juan Islands!

Southern Resident Community Update!

Today we spent the entire day watching J pod cavort on the west side of San Juan Island. Sometimes far from shore and sometimes so near you could touch them- here's a shot from Lime Kiln lighthouse (a perfect example of having the wrong zoom lens on during a close pass to shore)!!!

The pass began approximately 9:00am with the whales headed close to shore from Pile Point towards Hannah Heights. Once they approached the Heights, we were able to see that the leaders were Slick and her family! That being said --within minutes they turned and headed south!!! Later in the day, we were able to watch them pass Lime Kiln, frolicking and providing us with alot of shore based whale watching opportunities!

And the day ended down at the beach watching the graceful antics of local harlequin ducks...can you say...LIFE IS GOOD? Well, it certainly is!

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