Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fox Pups on San Juan Island

Pupping Season is Upon Us!

We are very fortunate to have a diverse and varied animal population on San Juan Island that is supported by a community appreciation and respect for nature and her wonders. One of the populous creatures you will find on the islands are fox- a member of the dog family. On the island, there are several color variations of the red fox, including red, silver, and cross, as well as combinations of all three. We've seen them feast on birds, field mice and rabbits (especially down at American Camp- where it is always fun to watch them hunt the rabbit dens at sunset)- but they will also eat raccoons and ducks! Plants make up another portion of their diet- and the pups are often seen munching on the grasses around their culvert dens!

Everywhere you turn this month and well into the summer you will find frolicking fox pups in roadside culverts and grass embankments. So, if you're on the island, please take heed and keep them in mind!!!

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