Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Eagles Have Landed

April 9, 2008- Well, we all know that wildlife watching is fantastic in the islands- and that has certainly rung true the past few months. Every day is a treat to watch all the juveniles bicker and play while watchful parents keep an eye on the waters for fish. We're also seeing lots of pairs of herons in local fields- of course, I never have my camera when I need it! But here are a couple of eagle shots:

This second shot took place only this week. A golden eagle has begun visiting the west side and frequenting an area where adult bald eagles habitually sit. I actually watched this play out- the golden went over to one of the fir trees and grabbed pine cones. What you are seeing in the picture is the golden eagle pelting the bald eagle in attempts to get the bald one to move from his/her perch. Go figure.

Friday Harbor is really a beautifully rich world unlike any place I have ever been!! That's all for now, take care- Sandy Buckley


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Candace palmer said...

HI Sandy

What an incredible photo! You actually caught the "pelting" action! You left a comment on Zazzle for me and I came to say thanks there but am fascinated by your blog now. Going to Wiki to see where Friday Harbor is!

Thanks, Candy

Sandy Buckley said...

Thanks for the notes!! I have never seen this behaviour before- and still wonder if this happens often? Sandy