Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dining Opportunities Have Become More Interesting this Month!

With the onset of spring in the Islands comes many enhancements to dining opportunities! Lots of Island favorites start reopening and this year is no different! Locals rejoice in the enriched menu selections- since lots of options diminish over the winter months. Some happening restaurants we've all waited for and who have reopened this month include...


Gretchen's wonderfully sophisticated Inn reopened on the 4th- we're planning on sampling the seasonal offerings this weekend so expect a review! :) One of our favorite places on San Juan Island for somewhat upscale romantic dinners!


Well, this isnt a reopening ---it's an opening! Dave Pass and Anna Maria de Freitas are venturing into the restaurant business later this month with an introduction of Coho, featuring pacific northwest fare. We've known these two since 2003- when we all used to live in Maryland- and can vouch for lots of memorable feasts at their table. This menu will be fantastic!!

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Sandy Buckley said...

They're serving dinner! Woo Hoo!