Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Pod Returns to the San Juan Islands

Yesterday, what appears to be members of all three pods of southern resident orca whales returned to the west side of San Juan Island. Though far offshore and incredibly spread out (so much so photos were not even an issue)- we were able to see K's, J's and L's traveling towards the Island. At last sighting (approx 5:45), most of the whales had headed North, with some remaining to forage off the west side near Hannah Heights. So nice to see them this time of year! No pics, but here's a few from months gone by ... keep in mind that yesterday the water was ANYTHING but blue- we finally had some rain, lots of mist on the water and gray skies- but hey, even paradise needs a little rest from the sunshine once in a while!!

And just after I posted this blog we had a moment of sunshine with just enough moisture in the air to allow a brilliant rainbow to appear for a few moments...the island you see is Discovery.

Even though the whales were back in town,  I dragged one of my whale buddies off the west side to attend the opening/release party of a local band at Bella Luna's Blues Night. Wow! The music was fantastic and the crowds were out the door! Cant tell you how much I love these guys- great blues, awesome rhythms and great rapport with the crowds.  Wednesday nights at Bella Luna in the winter months are one of few things we look forward to (as far as winter goes- not much going on here in the colder months!). But great Blues by local islanders and lots of camaraderie is certainly high on the list!!!. And the pizza we had for dinner? Yum! Try the Luna's to die for! (And no, I am not just saying that 'cause it is named after an iconic's really good!

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jcroxldub said...

I love this entry! Thursday was my 44th birthday. Came over on the Clipper from Seattle on Saturday and I missed the bad for me! Had a gorgeous trip though and it gives me a reason to come back next year. Thank you for your wonderful blog and awesome pictures of our brothers in the water! Love your blog. Love and blessings Lisa from Seattle!!

Sandy Buckley said...

Lisa, Belated Happy Birthday Wishes!! Thanks so very much for the great note and I am so sorry to hear the whales eluded you! Dont feel bad though--the whales have had strikingly different travel patterns this year, so they have oftentimes eluded all of us! Hope you do get back out here and are treated to a well deserved superpod visit! :) Sandy