Thursday, June 5, 2008

Labs, Orcas and River Otters, Oh My!

I have to begin today expressing my deepest gratitude to a wonderful woman named Rachel Goodremont. The story goes something like this...

On March 13th I lost the absolute love of my adult life, a beautifully gentle-soulded yellow lab named Mulligan. It is an intense story of love and devotion that cannot be given justice on paper just yet, but let it suffice to say that she was a constant companion and a devoted friend who cannot ever be replaced. With her loss has come crying jags, inconsolable grief and months of true emptiness- there's a huge place in our home and our hearts that is still trying to devise a life without her sweet face at every turn. Each passing day brings additional acceptance of her loss- the crying jags have reduced in frequency and duration but I still miss her with every fiber of my soul.

Yesterday, as my husband was leaving for work, he offhandedly reminded me that we had scheduled a meeting with a local electrician to look at some ongoing lighting issues we've had. I nodded as he left, acknowledging I'd be here- and off he went to work. At 11:00, he arrived with Rachel, and both of them had devious little smiles on their faces. In they walk, both trying to act they unfolded two of the most beautiful portraits that I have ever seen. Tears burst from my eyes as I looked at the first portrait- Rachel had taken one of my most coveted photographs of Mulligan and created a masterpiece in pastels. The eyes are what enrapture me each time I look- she has captured the very soul and essence of Mulligan- moreso than the photograph from which she worked. And unveiling the second piece I found myself staring into the face of Mulligans' beloved sister, Bogey- who has been my fearsome companion, allowing me great comfort as we snuggle during moments of sadness. We know she has grieved too- and I can only hope I have given her some comfort during her sad moments too. I was floored...and here's the big "ta da...." See for yourself....

Chapper's Mulligatawny
aka "Mulligan"
September 1997- March 2008

Rachel and Mike pulled this off without a hitch and I will be forever grateful to both of them for these beautiful tributes to two of my best friends on Earth. Please take some time to visit Rachel's gallery below by clicking on the photo.

I know this blog is supposed to focus on whales, so here's an update! Can you say Superpod? All three pods, J, K and L's were seen together for the first time this season just Tuesday- I, of course, was on a conference call, as they passed- jumping around and trying to remain composed as I watched whale after whale pass by my window- so close to shore I could barely see them through the trees. Rumor has it K pod has welcomed a new calf - you can read accounts of the experience here!

And the otters- well, Jeanne and I watched them playing in the kelp beds off the lighthouse during one of our stints waiting for the whales to pass this week...a group of 4-5 passed us just before the whales!

That's "all for now!" Happy Thursday! Sandy
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