Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Day In The Life in The Puget Sound

Morning Mist on The Island print
With summer upon us (finally!) the San Juan Islands offer beautiful sights at every turn- albeit stunning wildlife or scenic vistas captured in the early morning, interlaced with misty fog coming in off the Haro Straits. Bailer Hill Road is one of two main travel routes connecting the south and north sides of San Juan Island.  A ride along the road from Friday Harbor in the early can often offer breathtaking views of the farms shrouded in fog highlighted by sun rays.

Traveling a bit further south on Cattle Point Road will take you to South Beach, just past American Camp- the history of which was covered in an earlier blog entry. South Beach is a pebbly stretch of (guessing here) about 2 miles or so- with public access to to driftwood strewn beaches leading towards Cattle Point Lighthouse.  Alive in the morning light, it is easy to find eagles and fox cavorting in the dewy grasses before the heat begins.

If you return along False Bay Road, you can find some enchanting views as well- young deer are often viewed here as well as great heron encounters at False Bay during low tide.  Be sure to check the  NOAA  Tide Tables before the venture- it is well worth the time.

MISTS OF FALSE BAY, San Juan Island print

Great Blue Heron Notecards card

If you find yourself traveling to the islands by boat, there is no lack in scenic locations in the San Juan Islands with fantastic seascape vantages. Yesterday, we visited Stuart Island to photograph the Turn Point Lighthouse. During the trip, we captured this juxtaposition- a beautiful sailboat with snow covered Mount Baker in the background. While the temps reached 85 degrees yesterday, it was a stunning sight to still see the snow caps just beyong the fluid waters.  Stuart Island's Turn Point Lighthouse is also pictured below.
Juxtaposition- Sailing San Juan Island Style card
TURN POINT LIGHTHOUSE on Stuart Island print

Photographs tend to take themselves here- your skill level need not be professional, rest assured.  I can certainly attest!!  Summer is here and the Islands are alive- and there are many more months of opportunity awaiting! 

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