Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dog Apparel: It's A Dogs Life

I don't usually spend much time promoting "stuff to buy" on this blog, but today I just had to "break the rules." Zazzle, an online POD site that has the artistic community in a creative frenzy,  has recently begun showcasing a new line of apparel for man's best friend- and their ever cheeky designers have stepped up to the challenge. If you love dogs, you just have to check out some of these absolutely ADORABLE pup related clothes and designs- some of them had me rolling on the floor laughing this morning! Enjoy some light humor this Saturday morning while we wait for the whales to return (hopefully later today!!!)


I've shown the dogs wearing them in the first row only, but all are actually dog shirts!! LOL

Flying Monkey Tours petshirt
Funny Dog Park Security Guard Dog Shirt petshirt
Funny Dog Park Security Guard Dog Shirt petshirt
Dog Athletic Department Dog Athlete Funny Shirt petshirt
Funny Dog Shirt Bark Ranger Hiking Puppy petshirt
Chick Magnet Funny Dog Shirt petshirt
Funny Dog Wise Saying Dog Lover TShirt shirt
What Happens Dog Park Dog T-Shirt petshirt
Cute Dog Shirt With Bones Great Dog Lover Gift petshirt
iDog Funny Navigation Controls petshirt
Talk to the Paw petshirt
Playing Fetch is 20th Century Flyball petshirt
Blogging Dog Funny Pet Shirt petshirt
Ball? Dog Shirt petshirt
FETCH! Dog Shirt petshirt
FETCH! Dog Shirt by
Peace Love Disc Dog petshirt
Pup Cartoon dog shirt petshirt

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