Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Juan County Transfer Station Decision- Hot off the Presses

County council votes 4 to 1 for Sutton Road site for SJI transfer station

posted 04/29/2009
San Juan County Council voted 4 to 1 with Bob Myhr absent and chose the current Sutton Road property as the site for the the new San Juan Island Transfer station. Councilmember Richard Fralick favored the Beaverton Valley site because of co-location and elimination of uncertainties. He said he couldn't tell his constituents I looked "at other alternatives I chose a site more expensive that doesn't allow co-location, will cost more for building and in tipping fees."

Councilmember Gene Knapp wanted an independent cost analysis done before anything else was done bur ended up being the deciding fourth vote.

Councilmember Rich Peterson said a powerful arguement was the fact neighbors of the Sutton Road property moved in knowing the landfill was there.

Councilmember Lovel Pratt made the motion which ranked the sites as Sutton Road first, Beaverton Valley second and Daniel Lane third. She cited traffic concerns, neighbors' expectations, recouping the expenses of temporarily fixing the current site.

Councilmember Howie Rosenfeld said, "We can make Sutton Road work." The description of the town-owned contaminated property as a "time bomb" by citizens during the public hearing made him more convinced of his decision to chose Sutton Road, the former town councilmember said.

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