Saturday, January 17, 2009

Orca Nation - New Website

I was talking to Chantelle Tucker the other day and found out she has an entirely new website up and running- ORCA NATION.

Chantelle Tucker ( has worked on this site and the overall dream for the past 10 years. According to Chantelle, "It is my belief that we need to find new ways to raise awareness around the plight of killer whales and life on the planet. Spreading good karma for killer whales is the goal. Remember that we're all connected so their health is a reflection of our environment and ultimately of our own. I hope this platform will serve as an inspiration ..."

Here's a quote from her new site:

"We believe the message spreads consistently across the seas from the Pacific to the Caribbean. In both places our oceans and wild life face the same situations. The plight of the killer whale on the pacific coast is alarming those in the Caribbean of Mexico. They care as much about the situation as they do for the endangered turtles and jaguars right in their back yards. As passionate people who will not give up, we hope to combine our forces into a more powerful and positive energy. We hope to make a difference. Like the many indigenous cultures on this planet, the “orca nation” (and life itself) need protection."

Definitely worth a visit!

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